Koyasu Takehito: A tribute to his talent and beauty
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Admiring Koyasu-san's many talents.


Is there no end to Koyasu's talents? His range as a seiyuu is impressive. He has tackled roles that are diverse and varied. Jonathan Tiberius in Legend of the Blue Wolves, Rezo in Slayers, Olivier in Gestalt, Hanagata in Saber Marionette J, Pulse in Twin Signal, Izumi in Zetsuai 1989 and Bronze, Sakano in Gravitation, Ryosuke in Initial D...and the list goes on.
His singing voice is at once soothing and seductive, like dark chocolate. Silky smooth and equally suited for pop songs, rock songs and ballads. (He sounds sexiest on ballads, though. ^_^)
Let's not forget, Koyasu writes, too. He created Weiss Kreuz, a series that, while sometimes disturbing and often melodramatic, is always entertaining. He also created the prequel to Weiss,  Hunters Knight and Ran as well as Z/eta. I have yet to see his other writing venture, Monarch of Corruption, but I've seen pictures, and I do believe there are yaoi undertones. (yet again!)
I often wonder what it would be like to venture into Koyasu's mind and learn how it works. Then again, it might be a scary ride. :-p


Isn't that pic just sooooo KenxRan. Gee...you think Koyasu did that on purpose? ~_^